One of our 25 best video games of 2012 has gotten a ridiculous price cut thanks to Amazon.

Far Cry 3 is going for $34.99 for the 360, PS3, and PC. You can choose to opt for the physical or digital version of the PC game and if you're feeling real fancy the PC deluxe edition is going for $44.99.

We don't think we've enjoyed a game where optional side quests to hunt, skin, and fight exotic animals lured us away from the main story this much. We just know that we got really good at shooting sharks with a mini-gun. It's January, and in most of the country it's in the low teens. If you ever needed more of a reason for tropical escapism, now is the time.

Head over to Amazon after the jump and let us know if you copped yourself a Gold Box Deal of the Day.

[via Far Cry 3]