Reports from both The Wall Street Journal and Nikkei are indicating lower-than-expected sales for the iPhone 5. As a result, orders for iPhone 5 parts have been been cut in half as demand has weakened severely. As The Verge reports:

iPhone 5 screen makers Sharp and Japan Display have had their orders for displays cut in half during the first calendar quarter. Apple had planned to source a total of 65 million displays from the two companies during that period, but that number has been reduced "in response to lower than planned global sales of Apple's iPhone 5."

It remains uncertain what Apple's next move will be. The decision to cut orders in half might actually be a strategic move on the tech company's part. Perhaps Cook & Co. are readying for the release of a new iPhone later this year. What do you think? Is Apple losing its hold on the smartphone market?

[via The Verge]