Air dates: March 12, 2008-October 1, 2008

Considering that abrasive, explosive comedian Lewis Black seems to hate pretty much everything in existence, the premise behind Lewis Black's Root of All Evilis quite clever. Rather than have Black simply spew out indictments toward random pop culture issues, co-creators Scott Carter and David Sacks whipped together a cleverer set-up: Black would moderate a faux "courtroom" where two comics would debate the merits of two opposing topics, before, ultimately, one subject was anointed as "the root of all evil."

Performed with a deadpan self-awareness by all involved, Lewis Black's Root of All Evil allowed its participants to crack jokes while also demonstrating their societal alertness. Thus, you got Patton Oswalt analyzing the importance of YouTube, Greg Giraldo finding ways to promote Paris Hilton, and Andrew Daly vouching for boob jobs. OK, so it wasn't exactly Real Time with Bill Maher, but, nonetheless, it worked.