Most iconic roles: Mahree Bok & Piper Dellums in The Color of Friendship (2000)
Age: 28 (Haun); 26 (Simmons)
Places of birth: Los Angeles, CA (Haun); Toronto, ON, Canada (Simmons)
Most recent projects: True Blood (Haun, TV series, 2012); Life With Derek (Simmons, TV series, 2005-2009)

OK, obviously the world missed the point of The Color of Friendship because all Shadia Simmons' Wikipedia entry says is she's a Canadian actress, while Haun's portfolio has a little more informative meat. Racist? Also, Simmons gets Life with Derek, on which Derek doesn't even like her back, and Haun gets to play Hadley Hale in True Blood and have a sweet band called Haun Solo. Life just isn't fair. —TA