Instagram may want nothing to do with Twitter anymore, but this bond may be a little too hard to break. "If This Then That," or better known by its acronym IFTTT, service has been created by Daniel Bentley which allows you to view the famously filtered images through a tweet. Now, as The Next Web points out, unless Instagram "completely bans IFTTT, the recipe can’t be stopped." 

If you're hoping we just shut up and tell you how to make that happen, here you go: 

I had pie last night #twitter… — Harrison Weber (@HarrisonWeber) December 8, 2012

To use the recipe, simply activate it through your IFTTT account and share an Instagram photo with the hashtag #twitter. You’ll end up with results similar to what’s shown above.

OK, you're probably not reading this anymore and just signing into IFTTT, huh? Well, you're welcome. 

[via TNW]