Tropes vs. Women in Video Games

Creator: Anita Sarkeesian

Date Ended: June 16, 2012

Initial Goal: $6,000

Final Amount: $158,917

Kickstarter Link 

Love her for her progressive feminist views or hate her for abusing the gender divide for profit, there's no denying that Anita Sarkeesian walked away from her campaign with more than she ever could have hoped for. The Feminist Frequency series had already seen some success on YouTube, but this project that promises to examine the roles of women in video games propelled her personal profile to new heights while securing over 25 times what it set out to achieve.

While the series still hasn't seen the release of its first episode (which was promised to be in front of backers during the "late fall or early winter"), there is still an great level of anticipation for its arrival. Since recieving the funds from her campaign, Sarkeesian has "purchased well over 300 games" for the research phase and has done a TEDxWomen talk about how her campaign attracted an array of misogynistic cyber bullies.

Still, none of this has dissuaded her supporters from feeling faithful about the outcome of the product which goes to show that sometimes selling an ideology can be more successful than a product.