Multi-Platform Video Game Release

Creator: Paul Fullard

Date Ended: March 9, 2012 (Cancelled by Creator)

Initial Goal: $1,500

Final Amount: $13.37

Kickstarter Link 

When you're creating your Kickstarter project that's intended to fund development of a game, it kind of helps if you actually let your supporters know what the game is. Beyond that, if you're planning on releasing said mystery game for Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS, and Android, you may want to consider asking for more than $1,500 - that won't even pay your way through the ESRB.

What's most peculiar about this bland, generic campaign is that for some reason Paul Fullard decided that having people guess what the game entailed would be a huge selling feature. I'm sorry Paul, people like to know what they're paying for, especially in a volatile environment like Kickstarter. As if this project wasn't weird enough already, the backer rewards include a remote capoeira lesson from Fuller himself or help with your computer network security all for $300 apiece. 

At least Paul came to his senses eventually and shut the project down after recieving 2 rather elite donations that bumped his funding up to $13.37. He says he's going to continue working on his game and try and find funding for it later, but at least he published a very heartfelt apology letter to the two people who supported him.