Starbucks will continue its quest for world domination by opening 1,500 new locations in the United States over the next five years. At the moment, Starbucks has 11,100 U.S. locations and hopes to have over 20,000 nationwide by 2014. The new expansion will mean a 13 percent increase in their U.S. locations, which is a great rebound from 2008, when the chain was forced to close several stores due to plummeting stock.

The number of locations isn't the only thing that Starbucks will be expanding. The menu will grow as well, as Starbucks acquired Teavana teas, Evolution juice,s and will be getting baked goods from San Francisco-based La Boulange. The exact locations of the new stores have not been revealed, but expect to see at least two Starbucks everywhere.

[via Gothamist]