In the interactive video game Dikembe Mutombo's 4 1/2 Weeks to Save the World, players have helped Dikembe to do just that. Presented by Old Spice Champion, the 8-bit sensation has had gamers assisting Dikembe in a series of crucial tasks over five weekly levels in order to save us all from certain doom.

In the fifth and final level, Dikembe interrupts his holiday festivities with his boys, Science the Bear and Random Turkey, to do battle against the mastermind behind the entire apocalypse: the Internet! Having to first defeat the Internet's army of Meme minions, Dikembe then squares off against the World Wide Web itself. Even though he brings it hard, Dikembe struggles to take down the Internet. Witnessing this, Dikembe's homey, Science the Bear, steps in and flings himself at the Internet, causing a tremendous explosion.

Will Science's daring ploy work? Will he forfeit his own life, so that we might live? Will the Internet finally be defeated?

To find out, click the screen above or visit Dikembe needs you more than ever to help save the world.