An MTA bus driver was arrested yesterday morning after punching a passenger who allegedly spit in his face. The alleged spitting took place at King's Plaza around 7:45 a.m., when a 23-year-old with a malfunctioning MetroCard tried to board a Q35 bus driven by 42-year-old Robert Volkens

The young man asked for a free ride, and after Volken's denied him, another passenger paid his fare. This act of kindness wasn't enough to settle the young man, so he spat in the driver's face while exiting the bus on Nostrand, right near H Avenue. That's when Volkens allegedly ran off of the bus and punched the man. He was quickly arrested.

Volkens was charged with misdemeanor assault, and MTA says Volkens will face the "appropriate action" following a "thorough investigation."

[via Gothamist]