Forget every other plot development that made you roll your eyes—this is easily the silliest thing Homeland has done in its entire 24-episode run. While “Broken Hearts” would later make painfully clear how struggle-staffed the Nazir terrorist operation is (stateside at least), the first glimpse came during episode three, "State of Independence." 

Surely a severe lack in manpower is behind the boneheaded reason to enlist your undercover asset—a widely recognized war hero and congressman—to shirk his daily duties (thus putting him on shaky ground with the very man they need him close to) and transport a co-conspirator that the CIA may already know about. Of course, as soon as Brody was assigned the task with only few hours to spare before a scheduled appearance at Jessica’s benefit, you knew he wouldn’t make it in time.

What nobody could've know, though, is that they'd be subjected to one farcical delay after another, from car trouble (seriously?) to Brody’s suspicious demeanor which compels the cagey tailor to make a run for it (Nazir does have a knack for killing cell members when they’re no longer of use). Plus, get this: He tripped and fell on a random piece of shrapnel or branch or whatever that was jutting up from the forest floor.

But the wackiness isn’t done there! Jessica’s on the phone and the dying tailor is making too much noise, forcing Dexter, er, Brody to snap his neck just to shut him up. Maybe the writers thought we’d need a little levity in between Carrie planning to kill herself?