Author: Susan Edwards
Publisher: Leisure Books
Promotional synopsis: "After losing his wife, Grady vowed never to love again. But the beautiful and wise Star Dreamer tempts him to risk his wounded heart a second time. Their budding relationship faces opposition in a world bound by prejudice."

Say, perhaps, that Pocohantas didn't provide enough Native American-on-frontiersman love action for you. And say that you are able to ignore how deeply problematic portrayals of such relationships can be. Then you might just want to jump into the 12-book White Series.

We haven't crunched the numbers, but there may actually be more pages chronicling the tortured love of Grady and Star Dreamer than there are in The Song of Ice and Fire. That being said, we doubt that this will ever be made into an HBO series. Then again, there is enough nudity in Game of Thrones that this probably wouldn't be too far off-brand.