Appeared in: Return of the King

This eight-legged monster makes our skin crawl just looking at it. Shelob is nothing more than a gigantic spider in the Tolkien universe, but she is so vile and repugnant to look at that we don’t know how anyone can walk away from this movie without a case of arachnophobia. The CGI work on this creature is almost too good, as each hair follicle and ounce of slime is meticulously created to horrifying accuracy.

The most terrifying thing about Shelob isn’t her appearance; it’s the fact that she uses her poisonous stingers to strike down anyone who stumbles into her lair. Most famously she temporarily poisons Frodo during a battle, but is somehow defeated by the dimwitted Samwise Gamgee before she can finish the hobbits off. We don’t care how brave you are, the sight of a tarantula the size of a Humvee should be enough to cause anyone to need a second pair of drawers.