Apple's about to have a very green Christmas.

A new report from Piper Jaffray says that Apple has finally sorted out its manufacturing issues and will be able to better meet the voracious iPhone 5 demand in the next two weeks. 

A team at Piper Jaffray lead by Gene Munster did a check of 100 Apple Stores across the country and found that the supply of AT&T and Verizon iPhone 5s has greatly improved. 

"As we get closer to the holiday, we believe consumers will likely have the ability to walk into an Apple Store and walk out with an iPhone 5 within the next two weeks," said Munster. 

It was reported in October that the iPhone 5 supply shortage was due to a difficult manufacturing process. An anonymous Foxxconn executive told the Wall Street Journal that the "iPhone 5 is the most difficult device that Foxconn has ever assembled," and that making it "light and thin" was very complicated. The executive also said that the factory's "productivity has been improving day by day." 

Looks like the executive was right. The improvement is reflected on the online Apple Store which now shows a two-week shipping time for the iPhone 5. 

[via Apple Insider]