With Jersey Shore coming to an end this season on MTV, you would think that the orange-skinned cast of this polarizing odyssey would float off into oblivion, right? Well with multiple spin-offs and other gigs filling up their schedules, it looks like it might be a while before any member of the cast shows up on a “Where Are They Now?” special on VH1. And the latest post-Shore project is a new talk show on MTV hosted by perpetual house favorite Vinny Guadagnino, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The show will take place in Vinny’s home on Staten Island, where guests will sit down with him; his mother, Paula; Uncle Nino; and plenty of other family members. We're assuming that the network is hoping that this dynamic will separate the series, titled The Show with Vinny, from other talk shows on the air. Frankly, we’ve never seen 15 minutes of fame last this long.

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[via EW]