Puzzlebox Limited specializes in mind control (oh hi, 2012) and the company is preparing to launch its first breakthrough, mass consumer product— a remote control helicopter that you control just by thinking about it.

Puzzlebox Orbit, as the helicopter is called, is spherical in shape and launches from a base pyramid that also acts as a wireless relay between your brain and the copter itself. To make the helicopter fly, users just put on an EEG headset and focus. The more focused you are, the higher the helicopter flies. As you lose focus, it begins to descend back to earth.

Check out Puzzlebox's introductory video above. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help mass produce the helicopters that ends next month. Backers who give $149 or more will receive a full Orbit set of their own, including the EEG headset. A contribution of $89 will earn you a helicopter and pyramid sans headset that can be controlled via iOS app.

[via Mashable]