Are you surprised that New Super Mario Bros. U didn't get the top spot for best Wii U launch game? Well, don't be. ZombiU has a ton going for it, and with it Ubisoft has done the smartest thing possible: release a major new IP as a console launch title.

ZombiU is the only triple-A game to hit the Wii U that isn't a port, a sequel or one in a series, and for that alone it deserves your attention. But it's also a bonafide first-person survival horror game, with plenty of challenge and unique mechanics like permadeath, which fits in perfectly with the zombie-infested world.

It's even better than Nintendo Land at showing off the Wii U's potential, and it also proves Nintendo's new commitment to providing hardcore, mature gaming experiences on the Wii U. It's the only must-have Wii U launch game that wasn't made by Nintendo—and make no mistake: a must-have it is.

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