Justin Bieber took home the "Artist of the Year" award last night at the AMAs, but his real trophy may have been in his trailer. There, Selena Gomez lie in wait.

"Selena didn't walk the carpet or arrive at the venue with Justin,” says a source on the scene. “But after the show I saw Justin's mom, Pattie, come out of his trailer. About five minutes later, Selena walked out. She was dressed down, wearing a gray hoodie. She had to have been in Justin’s trailer for at least an hour."

Still, it seemed like Selena wasn't in the best of moods.

"Selena looked like she didn’t want to be bothered and went to leave while Justin followed behind her," says the source. "They did not talk to each other when they all left. They were completely quiet with a few bodyguards."

Every day it seems to be something new with this pair. On Friday, they bickered in public at Yamato, a Japanese restaurant in the San Fernando Valley.

"They had just sat down and didn't order when they started to fight," said a source.

Gomez reportedly stormed out of the restaurant and was tailed by Bieber back to her house. Biebs was denied entrance, however, and was allegedly left begging at the security gate to be allowed in.

But last night things were better. He drove back to her place after the AMAs and thankfully this time she opened the gate.

[via Entertainment Wise]