Before Judd Apatow became one of Hollywood’s hottest directors, he was just another struggling young writer in L.A. looking for his big break 22 years ago. And his first step towards making a name for himself was to write a spec script for a new show that had debuted on Fox called The Simpsons. And while nothing ever happened with it at the time, EW has confirmed that the script is finally being put into production for next season.

The episode will center on a hypnotist who comes to Springfield, only to die shortly after hypnotizing Homer into thinking that he’s the same age as Bart. This leads both Homer and Bart to become friends as Homer’s mind is stuck at the age of 10.

Simpsons producer Al Jean said he hasn’t received the script from Apatow yet, but he told the site, “I’m sure he’ll want to have a hand in the rewrite, which is great.” With the recent string of mediocre Simpsons seasons to debut over the last few years, having an episode written by Apatow is perhaps the best thing to happen to the series in a decade. 

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