Wendy Williams took her daytime show to new heights earlier this week when she ditched her live audience and normal show set for an intense interview with Halle Berry. The award-winning actress talked about everything from her first role as a crackhead in Jungle Fever to her beauty pageant days as well as motherhood and her new fiancé, Olivier Martinez. 

On how Hollywood has changed in the 25 years she’s been in the business
Things have changed dramatically. When I first started 25 years ago, there weren’t many black people on television. There was the Cosby Show and one or two others, but I was certainly starting at a time when there was no way. I had to start to forge a way out of no real way. I mean Dianne Carroll had been on television before, Phylicia Rashad and The Cosby kids but other than that, it was something that hadn’t been carved out yet. I didn’t know if I could earn a living at this job, I really didn’t. It was sort of a crap shoot.

On waiting until she was 41 to have a baby
I’m a much better mother at 46, or 41 when I had her, than if I were like, 21 or 25. At that age, I was just a little baby just trying to figure it out, trying to figure out who I was, let alone having the responsibility of trying to help another little soul develop and grow. I’m so glad I waited. 

You can watch the entire interview below to hear how Berry keeps herself looking young and to watch Williams take her interviewing skills to new levels:

[via Necole Bitchie