Talk about bringing all of your baggage on day one. A woman from Delray Beach, FL, has been accused of attacking a man for refusing to call himself her boyfriendafter their first date. 35-year-old Jillian Leigh Martone allegedly punched the man in the face, threatened him with a kitchen knife, and smashed a window in his apartment with rocks after a date that ended in fireworks, and not the ones that either anticipated.

Martone and 39-year-old Efren Molina met for the first time last week and set up a date. They went out for food and drinks last Tuesday, then returned to Molina's apartment in Boca Raton. After several hours, the two got into a ridiculous argument about whether or not they were in a relationship. Molina was understandably uncomfortable with holding that title after just one date, and Martone was furious. 

Molina asked Martone to leave, and that's when she attacked him. He called for help from his roommate, who arrived just in time to see Molina strong-arm a kitchen knife out of Martone's hands. Molina was forced to literally throw Martone out of his apartment. Police arrived to find her on the ground, crying next to the rocks she used to break Molina's windows. 

Martone was later arrested when it was obvious she was the aggressor. 

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[via Daily Mail UK]