A Florida man was arrested for nearly cutting his girlfriend's nose all the way off because she refused to have sex with him. Ricardo Salamaca of Plantation, FL was charged with aggravated assault causing bodily harm, and remains behind bars on $75,000 bail. The woman was taken to the hospital on Oct. 28, and identified Salamanca as the person who attacked her. 

The woman said that the two saw each other one night at a club, and met up later on. When she refused to sleep with him, he allegedly threw a tantrum, knocking her to the ground and trying to put her in a chokehold. When he failed at that, she made break for the front door, then says she remembers being thrown across the room and bleeding from her face. Salamanca reportedly yelled "That's what you deserve, bitch!"

Her nose was severed down to the sinus cavity, and was hanging on by just "a thread." Surgery was conducted to reattach her nose at North Broward Hospital. It's going to be a lonely holiday season for Salamanca.

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[via NBC Miami]