Appeared In: Dr. No (1962)
Played By: Anthony Dawson
Diabolical Weapon: Smith and Wesson, tarantula
Killed By: James Bond gunshot

R.J. Dent is memorable for being the first major henchman from the first Bond movie ever. He is an assassin working for Dr. No and SPECTRE, and is tasked with killing 007. To do this, Dent unleashes a poisonous tarantula into his room, which is still one of the most disgusting moments from the Connery era. Before long, Bond dispatches the spider as well as Dent, who 007 shoots in cold blood.

It’s the first time we see the Bond character simply murder someone who he could just as easily apprehended. Then again, we would have better sense than to mess with a dude who has a license to kill.