Appeared In: Diamonds are Forever (1971)
Played By: Bruce Glover (Wint), Putter Smith (Kidd)
Diabolical Weapon: Poisoned scorpions, radio-controlled bombs
Killed By: A fall off a boat while on fire (Kidd), a bomb explosion (Wint)

Wint and Kidd are assassins for Blofeld in Diamonds are Forever, and they employ a wide array of tactics to eliminate targets, such as poisoned scorpions, bombs, and various methods of burning and burying foes. Nothing, however, is as etched into the mind of Bond fans as the heavily implied homosexual relationship between the two. At this time, not many mainstream movies tackled the subject, so Wint and Kidd were actually trailblazers, if you can believe it.

As with Jaws and Oddjob, the best Bond villains always have a stand-out personality or gimmick, and the creative ways in which Wint and Kidd attempt to kill their targets, as well as their relationship, separate them from the rest.