Appeared In: License to Kill (1989)
Played By: Robert Davi
Diabolical Weapon: Hyperbaric chamber
Killed By: Bond burning to death

In an attempt to get edgier in the late ‘80s, License to Kill focused on the seedy drug trade of the world, and featured the villainous Franz Sanchez, a man more appropriate for a Stallone movie than a Bond movie. Sanchez was a prominent cocaine smuggler in South America, and he figured out a way to dissolve his drugs into petrol, disguise it as fuel, and sell it easily in Asia.

Aside from his business savvy, Sanchez was also incredibly ruthless and violent, ordering the death and rape of anyone in his way. This was a revenge movie, and Sanchez was such a scumbag that he wound up getting under the skin of the normally unflappable Bond. Unfortunately, this movie couldn’t live up to its potential, and 007 didn’t see the big screen again for another six years—the longest drought in the series’ history.