You may think twice before heading over to your carrier's closest store to get any service done after reading this story. Recently, a Verizon employee named Josh Stuart took the phone of a Florida waitress and informed her that they were going to swap the data from her old device to a new one. What she didn't know was that Stuart took the private pics and proceeded to share them with "at least one other employee, Gregory Lambert." 

At first, what seemed to be a near foolproof plan turned on its head when Stuart talked to a male customer about a bunch of pictures he stole from "some neighborhood waitress’ phone" and even borrowed his co-worker's phone to show the explicit images. The irony in this situation is that the guy Josh was speaking to happened to be a friend of the female who owned the device.

The male friend immediately went over to his waitress friend and they informed the police of the incident. After officials approached Gregory over the pics, he confessed that he received the stolen images from Josh, as well as stealing pictures from other customers. Currently, Stuart is out of state but when he does return, he'll be arrested and charged with dealing stolen property and offenses against computer users. 

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