When Brian De Palma tries to channel his love for Alfred Hitchcock's thrillers into his own brand of sleaziness, the results are always bawdily entertaining, especially when the films themselves aren't very good. With the solid Body Double, the controversial director nailed it, winking at Hitchcock's Rear Window with his story of an actor (Craig Wasson) who moves next door to gorgeous woman (Deborah Shelton), sees her get murdered, and becomes even more attracted to the similar-looking porn star (Melanie Griffith) who takes over her space.

How Griffith's Holly Body transforms Body Double into a fascinating blend of sexual horror and steamy mystery is best left for first-time viewers to experience. But here's a tease: Holly seduces men with a lusty dance that, in her words, "is a sure 10 on the peter meter." If Dancing with the Stars started judging females' routines that way, we might actually start watching that crap.