Any guy who used to sneak into his parent's room, sign onto their Internet, and watch Jenna Jameson video clips while mommy and daddy were at work can definitely relate to Daniel (Tomas Fonzi), the protagonist in the coming-of-age comedy A Night with Sabrina Love. Infatuated with a porn star named Sabrina Love (Cecilia Roth), Daniel enters a contest in which the winner gets to go on a date with Ms. Love, and, thanks to his heartfelt letter, he gets the prize.

By the time Daniel finally meets Sabrina, it's easy to see why he's been obsessed with her: She has that seasoned, older porn veteran quality that gives Marilyn Chambers movies their "I could learn a thing or two from this" quality. Hence, A Night with Sabrina Love brings new meaning to "coming-of-age."