The media went into a frenzy over Scott Peterson from 2002 to 2005, giving those who frequently watch the news story fatigue. Looking back on the case a decade later, one remembers just how shocking the whole ordeal was, and how big of a monster Peterson, who's currently on death row in San Quentin State Prison, remains.

Peterson reported his pregnant wife, Laci, missing on December 24, 2002, less than two months shy of the date when she was due to deliver their first child, a son they planned to name Conner. Initially, Peterson was not considered a suspect, but inconsistencies in his story made police suspicious and his darker side was revealed. They discovered that he was a habitual cheater, and one of his side-chicks, Amber Frey, later testified that he claimed to have "lost" his wife weeks before her disappearance.

Then, on April 14, 2003, a fetus washed out of the San Francisco Bay and onto the site where Peterson was boating on December 24, 2002. The next day, Laci's partial torso—without the head, feet, or hands—surfaced in the same location. Eight days later, Scott Peterson was arrested, and in 2005 he was sentenced to death via lethal injection. But, as he maintains his innocence, his case has been held up by appeals.