For female drifters aimlessly marauding in the Seattle and Tacoma, WA, area, (specifically on the Pacific Highway South) during the 1980s and '90s, soliciting Gary Ridgway was a tragic mistake. It's been reported that Ridgway murdered over 70 women, most of whom were either prostitutes or runaways. He'd pick them up on the Pacific Highway, choke them to death, and then leave their bodies in the woods surrounding the Green River.

The details of his routine are truly horrendous. Once the woman was in his vehicle, Ridgway would show them a picture of his son (to get them on his side), and after sex he would strangle them with, at first, his hands, but as he became more experienced, he realized that hands leave bruises and fingerprints, so he switched to ropes and wires. He further assaulted his favorite victims, even after death—Ridgway would often return to the Green River to practice necrophilia with the corpses.