While most of her peers were getting ready for the prom and looking at colleges, West Virginia teenager Christa Pike was worshipping the devil and committing homicide.

In 1995, Pike, 18, was in love with Tadaryl Shipp, whom she met through Job Corps, a Knoxville, TN, program that assisted low-income kids by housing them and teaching them career skills. Together, they messed around with the occult, and when fellow student Colleen Slemmer, 19, started talking to Shipp a bit too much for Pike's liking, she conspired against her with Shipp and friend Shadolla Peterson.

On January 15, they brought Slemmer to a vacant steam plant where, for about 30 minutes, they physically assaulted her, sliced her up, and carved a pentagram in her chest. Finishing the job, Pike finally crushed Slemmer's skull with a slab of asphalt paving and kept a piece of the skull as a souvenir. Back at school, Pike showed the skull fragment to classmates, and, merely 36 hours after killing Slemmer, Pike, Peterson, and Shipp were arrested.