30-year-old Billie Warburton was arrested in a Virginia courthouse parking lot after she was found high on heroin, passed out in her car. Her 23-month-old daughter was in the back seat. An officer on patrol found her passed out on the steering wheel in the parking lot of the Mills E. Godwin, Jr. Courts Building in Suffolk, VA on Monday. The vehicle was still running, and the little girl was in the back seat crying.

The officer noticed blood in the car's center console, and fresh marks on Warburton's arms, as well as drug paraphernalia. Warburton said that she had placed the drug-related items in her purse, but "did not plan on getting high today." She said the baby was crying because she had not been fed since Sunday evening. 

She's been charged with heroin possession, driving under the influence of drugs and child neglect. Her daughter has been taken by Child Protective Services.

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[via The Huffington Post]