The mobile data business, according to analysts, is estimated to be worth $80 billion in the U.S. Los Angeles-based mobile data provider, FreedomPop, is looking for a piece of the that purse. The company today launched its 4G mobile data service which is currently in a public beta. 

Stephen Sokols, CEO of FreedomPop discussed the goals of his company with Ars Technica recently, saying "We are actually explicitly trying to disrupt a $100 billion business."

FreedomPop currently has three data plan offerings for customers (Photo #2). The starter plan offers 500MB a month for free. It's not, true, but you can't beat free. The next plan offers 2GB a month for $17.99, and, for the most value, users have the option of a 4GB plan for $28.99 a month. For a piece of mind customers can pay an additional $3 a month for "Speed Plus," which guarantees data speeds will not be throttled and subscribers given priority over non-paying customers.

Customers have the choice between a USB dongle or portable hotspot for connectivity. Technically, the hardware is free with FreedomPop, customers are just required to leave a deposit before signing up for its services. The USB stick requires a $49 deposit and the hotspot requires an $89 deposit. The plans are contract-free so users are allowed to cancel anytime and receive their deposit back in full. 

Interested in free 4G data on-the-go? Check if FreedomPop is available in your region here.

[via Ars Technica]