High-profile crossovers are both a blessing and a curse for the comic book industry. In the past, examples like Civil War, The Sinestro Corps War, and Blackest Night lit up comic book charts with both critical and commercial acclaim. However, in recent years these large events have been happening far too often, and fans have started to become fatigued by these large-scale stories that can sometimes cost well over $100 to collect.

So far, Valiant is keeping all of its comics separate from the others in its line. This means that you won’t need to collect the upcoming Shadowman to figure out what’s happening in X-O Manowar and vice-versa. “The spirit of the original Valiant was to be a shared universe," says Joshua Dysart. "So we’d be a little dishonest to our mission if we didn’t do that.”

There's no doubt that this will likely happen eventually, but it seems that, for now, Valiant is more concentrated on setting up characters and telling great comic stories rather than throwing all of its characters into one big book for the sake of sales. This makes for a much cheaper and more simplistic reading process for new audiences.