Jennifer Lawrence is on top of the world these days. After scoring an Academy Award nomination for the bleak 2010 drama Winter's Bone, the then-20-year-old actress kept her momentum in high gear with strong turns in a couple of smaller-scale films (Like Crazy and The Beaver) and proved she has the charisma and all-around goods to shine in a massive blockbuster (X-Men: First Class).

Which all led, of course, to her biggest look to date, playing the female role model with a bow and arrow, Katniss Everdeen, in this year's gargantuan box office hit and pop culture phenomenon The Hunger Games. And in two months, Lawrence's name will once again be at the forefront of Oscar chatter when director David O. Russell's dramedy Silver Linings Playbook opens, following the film's enormously successful premiere during the Toronto International Film Festival last week.

So, yes, things are going pretty damn well for Ms. Lawrence. So, naturally, she hasn't said peep about that lame PG-13 horror flick she foolishly signed onto after Winter's Bone hit and inspired her to test her leading woman potential on a mid-level project. Opening this Friday, House at the End of the Street, a scatterbrained and silly psychological affair that so desperately wants to be a teenage Psycho, features Lawrence showing tons of cleavage, screaming a lot, and falling for an emo neighbor (Max Thieriot) with a dark past. Amidst her otherwise commendable filmography, House at the End of the Street officially gives Lawrence her first turkey.

She shouldn't get too flustered, however, since House at the End of the Street actually puts Lawrence in the same category as formidable leading ladies who've also slipped up in at least one major way. To see who can sympathize with her, check out the following list of The 10 Worst Movies Starring Great Actresses.

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Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)