I think it's pretty much a hard fact that the 2K series is the only series anyone takes seriously when talking about NBA games. NBA 2K13 is generating a special kind of buzz usually reserved for the drafts. Thanks to executive producer, and Brooklyn Nets owner, Jay-Z, NBA 2K13 is poised to be the start of a dynasty.

This newest trailer showcases the cutting edge physics engine that will be the guts of the game. How you foul and battle for the rock will affect how your players interact with the other team on offense and defense. And let's talk about the teams. With 30 of the league's teams fully playable 2K13 is going to be a huge game. As if that weren't enough, we reported earlier how the rights to the 1992 Olympic Dream Team were acquired, and they will be fully playable as well. 

Between The Dream Team, Jay-z's name on the marquee, and Biggie on the intro, 2K13 is going to own the fall. What do you guys think? Let us know on Twitter.