First appearance: The X-Men #10 (1965)

Liberally borrowing his backstory from characters like Tarzan and Tor, Ka-Zar is Marvel’s resident feral superhero. After a sabertooth cat named Zabu raised him in the Savage Land, Ka-Zar shed his English nobility and got in touch with his primal side by bulking up and parading around in a pair of skimpy jungle shorts. He’s the peak of human conditioning, but all of the strength, speed, and endurance in the world can’t make Ka-Zar exciting.

He’s been a part of some decent comics in the past, but we just can’t see the concept translating to screen. First off, he would have to be half naked the whole time while fighting off poachers and fur traders. And the main supporting character would probably be Zabu, who is just a big temperamental cat. We’re not riveted by that concept.