This, guys, is why one should never talk back to a judge when they’re holding your fate in their gavel-happy hands. Brian Noval wouldn't have received the sentence of 120 days in jail that he did had he heeded this advice when appearing in front of Judge John Hurley for the charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence.

Noval was initially given 60 days in prison, but upon hearing that he was to be held without bail, he responded by calling the judge a "cock," amongst other names. Hurley wasn't having it, and he called Noval back so he could threaten to hold him in contempt of the court. Noval promptly apologized, but continued that he wasn't sentenced with the same charges the day prior, which is why he's confused. Hurley accepts, and reiterates Noval's original sentence of 60 days in prison.

Should be over, but no surprise, Noval's still not happy. He asks if he can take the "cock" back, 'causing Hurley to call him back before the court and adding on 60 more days to his sentence for being an idiot. At this, Noval finally leaves, while muttering that he "didn't know [the judge] could do that." Yeah, we couldn't tell.