It's not exactly the way we envisioned seeing some of these guys on screen together again, but regardless: According to EW, a Sopranos reunion is finally happening in the form of an upcoming Nickelodeon TV movie based on the children's book Nicky Deuce. Involved will be four alumni of the hit HBO series - Michael Imperioli, Steve Schirripa, Tony Sirico, and Vincent Curatola.

The film is currently in production in Montreal, with a fall premiere anticipated. The book upon which it is based tells the story of a kid from the suburbs who goes to stay with some Italian relatives in Brooklyn for a summer, only to become convinced that they are secretly members of the mafia. Sounds more Bugsy Malone than Goodfellas, sure, but still, who hasn't wanted a Sopranos reunion of some sort since the show ended in 2007?

[via EW]