It was well known among his colleagues that Derek McGlone often lied to get out of work, but one time he went too far and it finally got him in trouble. Telling people that you're stuck in a cloud of volcanic ash in Iceland is one thing, but telling people you won't make it in because you just killed a little girl is sick.

McGlone, 42, was a notorious bullshitter while working as a music teacher at Calderhead High School in Scotland, and he was finally forced to come clean for lying numerous times between June 2008 and  May 2011. The worst offense is telling people that he had struck a little girl with his car, even going as far as describing "his car wheels running over her body."

McGlone was also penalized for his reaction to being accused, allegedly going on an intoxicated Facebook rant where he called his coworkers "bitches" and said he would "hunt them down." McGlone resigned at the end of 2011, but now says he wants to return to teaching. Anyone believe him?

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[via The Huffington Post]