It seems Sony could be working on a film about the video game console wars—you know, 360 v. PS3 v. Wii—as Sony Pictures has recently registered a series of suggestive domain names.

The domains all contain the words "console" and "war," and some include "movie" as well. As Joystiq points out, Sony Computer Entertainment (Sony's gaming branch) doesn't appear to be involved, so chances are this is a full-on movie and not just some marketing shenanigans for the PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile, Slashfilm reports that In Contention's Kris Tapley heard about the project "weeks ago," and described it as “a Social Network of video games,” referring to the movie about the creation of Facebook.

Who better to take an unbiased look at the console wars than the makers of one of the contenders in said wars? Hm. Do you think this'll happen or is it being blown out of proportion? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.