The game’s plot centers on the introduction of a fighting tournament that can only be viewed on the Midnight Channel. The game’s cast is forced to face each other in battle as they try to discover who’s behind the tournament and why it’s even taking place. Labrys, a robotic girl who deals damage with a huge battle ax, turns out to be the cause of all this drama. For those looking to get a quick summary of the game’s plot, the game’s Arcade Mode is available for that option.

For those looking for a more thorough explanation of the game’s story, the lengthy Story Mode is available for play. Katsura Hashino, the original director of Persona 4, worked alongside the game’s original team to compose the story. It definitely shows. Fans of the series will enjoy learning more about each character and their involvement in the game’s proceedings. You only start out with four characters to play with at the beginning of this mode, but the rest of the roster becomes available as you finish prior stories.