The roster for this game features characters from the third and fourth installments of the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series. Fans of Yu Narukami, Kanji Tatsumi, and Teddie will be happy to know that they’re all selectable amongst even more series favorites. Each fighter comes equipped with their own Persona for battle. Not only can you attack your opponents head on, but you can also deal damage to them with assists from your Persona.

Much of the game’s fun comes from discovering the best uses of a fighter’s Persona during direct attacks. Summoning the Persona during play can lead to double digit combos and amazing looking special effects. Along with the Persona attacks, players have several other battle options to explore: Auto Combo, All-Out Attack, Furious Action, Reversal Burst, Max Burst, Instant Kill etc. There’s a lot to learn about this game, but its stays fun throughout the learning process. RPG buffs will be pleased to know that status ailments are even included in the game.