The good folks over at 2K Sports has made a ton of upgrades from last year's 2K12 to 2K13 starting with Jay-Z executive producing the game. One of the major gameplay additions made revolves around the the annual All-Star game. Pre-ordering 2K13, will get you the All-Star Weekend DLC which includes the "Rising Stars Challenge," "Three-Point Contest," "All-Star Game," and an all-new "Dunk Contest" where you can pit slam dunk legends like Dominique Wilkins and Blake Griffin against each other above the rim.

The most drastic change in gameplay is the new use of controls. The right analog stick is now used for dribble moves and gives the player full control of crossovers to break defenders down. Think that's a lot? Being on the receiving end of a successful shake can now send you stumbling into a fall that can injure you. The same stick can also be used for shooting, passing, and post moves.

The passing system has been revamped to have better control of a number of different types of passes. Bounce passes are now made by holding the left trigger and pressing the A, X buttons. This helps in pick and roll situations for cleaner passes, as well as the fast break. If the new controls just aren't your style, there is the option to revert to the original 2K12 control system in the menu.

Players now have unique skills called “Signature Skills,” which are abilities that can alter the course of the game. Superstars like Kevin Durant who are closers in real life, would generally have the “closer” skill and can take over a close game in the closing minutes. 2K13 also includes a Dynamic Shot Creator, that affects shots on contact. You get to see players' bodies colliding in mid-air and absorbing the contact to get shots off. Switching hands alters the effect of the ball when driving to the basket, so a player like Lebron James will be able to rack up a lot of and-one's. The Sprite Slam Dunk cam has been improved to now show a vertical meter to indicate how high players are getting on dunks.

Visually, 2K13 surpasses 2K12 largely in detail. Fans look a lot better in the stands, and the players are a lot more life-like. Camera cuts to the arenas during half-time and other niceties give you an immersive feel and almost make you forget that you're playing a video game. After checking out what 2K has done so far for the title, it's apparent that we're going to be in for huge win come October 2.