So far, DC’s Before Watchmen event has been a mixed bag of highs and lows. For every great miniseries like Silk Spectre, Ozymandias, and Minutemen, there have been clunkers like Nite Owl and The Comedian. But overall, the project has exceeded expectations and is a worthy addition to the Watchmen universe. And now it looks like the company is going to expand upon it further by introducing a new Before Watchmen series called Before Watchmen: Moloch, according to Newsarama.

The two-issue series will focus on Moloch, the villain that Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons introduced in the original comic back in the ‘80s. The series will be written by J. Michael Straczynski with art by Eduardo Risso, and it will explore the character’s early life and how he became such a threat later on.

In an interview with the site about the book, Straczynski said, “All of the other books we’re doing show the process by which someone becomes a hero, and we see events from that point of view.” He continued, “But what we don’t see is how Edgar Jacobi went from being a kid to a magician/mystic, to a criminal, and finally turned his life around through Catholicism. That’s a hell of a journey.”

Before Watchmen: Moloch will hit shelves this November. You can check out a page of preview art by Risso below.

[via Newsarama]