It's gonna be a busy September.

Amazon has just announced a press event for September 6, joining Google/Motorola, Microsoft/Nokia and Apple in a crowded timetable for the announcement of new products. Amazon's event is expected to focus on new entries to the Kindle lineup, a successor to the Kindle Fire tablet, and perhaps a new, larger tablet to compete more directly with Apple's iPad. The company has also reportedly been working on a smartphone.

The announcements will come one day after Microsoft and Nokia show off the first batch of Windows Phone 8 handsets on September 5. Also on that date, Motorola has said it will reveal its first big phone release since being acquired by Google (likely the Droid RAZR HD).

Apple of course, has long been rumored to have a big event of its own planned for early September. Amazon, Nokia and Motorola are likely hoping to get the jump on the announcement of a new iPhone and potential new iPad, both of which could be revealed as soon as September 12.

Get ready to do a lot of soul searching (and wallet scraping) this holiday season.

[via 9to5 Mac]