Another twist in the Jackson family drama: Gawker is reporting that after the insane altercation yesterday involving Paris Jackson and Janet Jackson, a judge has ruled that the kids' cousin, TJ Jackson, is to be their legal guardian until further notice, stripping the title from their grandmother Katherine Jackson. This is despite the fact that Michael Jackson's will named singer Diana Ross as their guardian in the event that something should happen to him and Katherine was unable to act as their guardian.

TJ's petition was initially denied by the judge because of the clause involving Ross, but as he was only filing for temporary guardianship - something that all three Jackson kids reportedly supported - it was eventually allowed to proceed. As a result, the judge has ordered funds necessary to care for Paris, Prince, and Blanket from Michael's estate to be given to TJ. 

Under his temporary guardianship, the kids are prevented from being removed from the state of California without a court order. The judge suggested that TJ apply for permanent guardianship of the kids with the consent of Ross, and Paris and Prince's mother Debbie Rowe

Additionally in court, TJ disclosed a conversation he had with Katherine after her separation from the kids and subsequent escape to Arizona: "I've never heard my grandmother talk like that. She wasn't sharp. The pauses, choice of vocabulary...she has not used certain phrases like that before." He went on to say that he believed she may have been speaking in code, and was being held "against her will" at a family home in Arizona. The judge, reportedly, seemed to agree.

Crazy doesn't even begin to cover any of this.

[via Gawker]