The Baltimore Ravens are making a major change in order to contend for the Lombardi Trophy during the coming NFL season. It's not a personnel change, or a strategy change, per se. The team is committed to eating healthier this season. 

Here's what this entails: 

For example, white bread, white pasta, and white rice are out. They’ve been replaced by whole wheat bread, whole wheat rice, and quinoa. Mashed potatoes used to be made with three pounds of butter and heavy cream, but are now crafted with 2% milk.

Other changes include replacing vegetable oil with olive oil, and moving pizza day to Monday and Tuesday as opposed to Friday (in other words, further from game days). According to Director of Food Services Tenille Moore, the team isn't getting rid of less healthy meals, they're simply "adding a lot more variety of healthier options." Plus, these dudes still eat a ton of food:


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[via The Caw]