Director: David Brooks
Stars: Alice Eve, Josh Peck, Brian Geraghty

The slasher movie subgenre of horror is certainly ripe for a creative resurgence—ATM, unfortunately, is in no way the needed kick-starter. Centered around a homicidal maniac who apparently raided the Urban Legend killer's closet and stole his snorkel coat, ATM deserves to be no more than a 25-minute segment in a bigger anthology film; screenwriter Chris Sparling, however, thought his concept warranted a full 90 minutes. "Overzealous" is an understatement.

The ridiculous premise, destined for unintended laughs from the moment Sparling dreamt it up, is as follows: Three unlikeable twentysomething folks leave their company's Christmas party, stop to take money out, and get trapped inside the cash dispensor's hub when a lame slasher shows up.

What follows is a series of tension-free scenes punctuated by the filmmakers' obviously strained attempts to stretch what could have been a Saturday Night Live Halloween show skit into a full-length feature—with, of course, disastrous results.