While most mothers were helping their children with their homework, Catherine Venusto was allegedly hacking into the computer system of her kids' school and changing their grades. 

According to The Morning CallVenusto used information she learned while working for the Northwestern Lehigh School District in New Tripoli, PA to hack into the school system's computers and change her daughters failing math grade to a "medical exception," and, oddly, her son's grade from a 98% to 99%. 

Why did she do all of this? Court records say that she did all of this out of  "curiosity and boredom." Once the school system's superintendent got wind of the breach, she had the computer system shut down. ISP information showed that Vensuto broke into the system over 100 times, but only made two changes. 

Vensuto, who said she thought the acts to be unethical but not illegal, has been charged with three counts of unlawful use of a computer and computer trespassing. 

[via CNET]